10 December 2007

I can has parity?

Facing the prospect of having both a winless and undefeated team in the same season, the NFL's "any given Sunday!" hokum may finally die an overdue death, though I wouldn't hold my breath waiting. Perhaps there is the matter of the latest dynasty being in a media-friendly East Coast city. Or perhaps America's sportswriters are just wandering hobos without the NFL's public relations department.

Speaking of Boston, which has replaced Chicago as the city bearing my wrath toward all its athletic manifestations, I suppose the self-satisfied righteousness with which much of the liberal blogosphere embraces the Red Sox and Patriots shouldn't come as a surprise. Rooting for the rich against the superrich as well as the socially-improper poor could serve as a broader metaphor for a good chunk of American liberalism itself. But justifying your rooting interest with politics is never more than superficial (the Rockies are all Jesus freaks!, Colts fans are all rednecks! Tony Dungy hates gay people! Blargh, Gregg Easterbrook!); you can dig deep enough into virtually every team, city or player to find something politically incorrect* to satisfy you. My God, man, it's the farking players' wives charity.

And you wonder where the Midwest got the stereotype of being more grounded in sense.

*I use this term in its original Stalinist sense, not the bastardized, all-purpose epithet of right-wing frat boys everywhere.