03 February 2008

The imperial pastime

As much as professional football is contributing heavily to the general rot of society, I still sometimes give in to the temptation, and I must say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the outcome of last night's Supper Bag, or whatever they call that thing. Mostly for the schadenfreude on Boston fans and self-righteous white liberals the country wide, I admit, though perhaps the only thing worse than a Boston fan winning is a Boston fan losing, especially if the loss is in tragic or dramatic fashion. Still, I think I can live with it, at least until the Don DeLillo novel XLII hits the bookshelves.

I was also pleasantly surprised by how few American Loyalty Checks there were during the Fox broadcast, though I didn't see any of the 58-hour pregame show. Give credit to the NFL; they run a tight ship and the broadcasters rarely stray from worshiping the Almighty Pigskin. Also heartening was the low quality of the perennially-hyped Super Bad Marketing Bonanza, giving hope that perhaps the country's best creative talent isn't expended in selling products.

No football for another eight months? It's Morning in America! (Hey Mel, my team needs a third-string safety!!)