05 September 2008

The future

According to David Corn at MoJo:

Number of sentences in John McCain's acceptance speech about his experience as a POW in Vietnam: 43.

Number of sentences about his 25 years in the House and Senate: 8.

If McCain wins this election based on nothing beyond sympathy for his capture while aiding war crimes (via) in North Vietnam, we are well and truly on the way to being a military state within the next 20 years.  The mainstream press and Democratic Party will do nothing but offer complete deference when faced with someone brandishing any kind of military credentials, regardless of how irrelevant they may be.  We're already seen this play out this year with Wesley Clark on "Face the Nation."  I really don't know how the Democrats plan to stop the inevitable David Petraous presidential bid.  Whenever that comes, it's going to be a walkover. They may as well not bother with a convention.  Then we'll all have to hope we didn't just hand the keys over to a 21st-century Curtis LeMay.  But that'll inevitably happen, too.