14 October 2008

A nut!

In addition to the points raised here and here, another seemingly obvious objection to the rightie hysterics over ACORN turning in faulty voter registrations needs to be made, or rather, reiterated.  Even if a non-negligible number of Amanda Hugginkisses and Hugh Jasses actually turn out to vote on election day--itself a dubious assumption--that alone won't significantly delegitimize Obama's win for the simple reason that these fake registrants can't be polled and Obama holds a large and ever-expanding lead in all the indicative polls.  If this were the 2000 election, there may be a faint glimmer of concern here.  

You might think these problems could be averted with a public push to make registering easier and take it out of the hands of third-party actors.  This, however, is not the solution righties are looking for, because their problem isn't really "voter fraud," it's poor people believing they have a stake in democracy.