04 November 2008

Votin' man

I'm really quite an awful all-around citizen. I abstain from almost all county and city level races on the presumption that one shouldn't vote in races without some knowledge of the candidates (not that having any familiarity with local races here would change my mind about abstaining). But I feel guilty about leaving a great portion of my ballot blank, so I usually vote for Democrats in statewide races, figuring they'd be the ones I'm likely to hate least if I knew anything about them.

Anyway, there's still time to make some predictions, so here goes.

Electoral College: Obama gets 326 EVs, loses IN, FL (I have a hunch the geezers will break for their man, plus, shenanigans), and GA, gets NC.

Popular vote: I think it will be toward the high end of the final polls. 53.1% to 45.2%

Senate: I'll take the over on the Donkeyman's 57; that should be the absolute minimum barring a major upset. Franken wins to make it 58 w/Holy Joe, and I'll take a flier on one of the three Southern seats falling.

House: No idea, 260 sounds about right, but I'll go a little lower than that.

CA hate amendment loses narrowly; the No folks finally got their act together in time to push back the Mormon money.

McCain gets 75 percent in the DC, and we'll be the only county in the Eighth District to go for the Bircherite.