23 June 2009

Mean Green

I think Jonathon Schwarz explains well why I remain somewhat unable to get too excited about the ongoing demonstrations in Iran even though I'm naturally sympathetic.
2. I'm amused by all the attention this is getting from some of the best U.S. liberal bluggers, such as Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings. Even when they're at their best, American liberals essentially follow in lockstep the agenda of the governing classes. Would they care anywhere near as much if Iran weren't an Official Enemy? Obviously not. Thus even when "opposing" William Kristol, they're ratifying the right's power by giving them the ability to decide what gets talked about.
Quite. There are any number of rigged elections going on around the world at any given time; it's blindingly obvious that the only reason this one is getting the celebrity treatment from the American media is that the Iranian regime is not a US client state. I can hardly remember a similar reaction to the street demonstrations after the 2006 elections in Mexico. In fact, those protesters were dismissed the same way our right-wing Serious media handles demonstrators in the United States; i.e. as unemployed leeches who should get a real job and let the ruling class worry about ruling. Now suddenly conservatives are holding "tea parties" and cheering on foreign demonstrators as gallant and courageous. The world is turned inside out.

Maybe it's because there aren't any giant paper-mache heads. Perhaps that does it.