15 July 2009

Uniquely American

An email from my esteemed representative.
There are many parts of our health care system that are the envy of the world, but the parts that aren’t working threaten to bankrupt families, businesses and government alike. We literally cannot afford to not address this challenge head-on. As we move forward, our goal should be protecting what works and fixing what doesn’t.

Only a uniquely American solution will fix the weaknesses in the current system, and any solution must first start with an honest and open conversation. I’ve always said we will never achieve real health care reform without giving all of the stakeholders in this debate a seat at the table. That includes you.
I've figured it out. The United States is like the aging hipster of the world community; the kind of person who won't listen to a band if their entire fanbase can't fit in his closet. Why can't we learn anything from other industrialized democracies who have faced similar challenges and...really don't envy all that much about our health care system? Because we're just that special, that's why.