01 March 2016

I will now save you the trouble of living the next four and a half years

Hillary Clinton will win the Presidency primarily on the virtue of being Not Donald Trump in a bizarre campaign between two candidates who are deeply disliked by their own party but squeezed out the nominations with the support of rabidly loyal factions (it's interesting to compare Trump and HRC in this regard, since the most common comparison by serious media pundits is between the "angry populists" Trump and Bernie).

Her presidency will be a lame duck from day one, as once in office being Not Trump isn't going to paper over the dim view most people have of her.. One of the most unpopular major figures in US politics (her own party flirted with nominating a 74-year old secular Jewish social democrat over her) she'll have no grassroots support for a political agenda and will be facing a opposition-controlled unmotivated legislature which sees her, correctly, as an easy mark in 2020. By which time they are likely to coalesce around a less-clownish but equally horrifying ghoul of some creation.

You may want to start drinking now, so you'll be prepared for January 2021.