19 April 2016

Always on the sunny side

This election has been magnificent. What more could you possibly ask for? When Bernie Sanders announced he was running for president last spring, how many people could have imagined this was how it was going to play out?

Oh sure, winning would have been nice. But winning was never in the cards. And there's the unpleasant business of degenerate oligarchical rule getting much worse before it gets better. Look, though, at what we have seen.

We've seen bourgeois liberalism laid bare before a generation and openly confess its class interest and full commitment to managed decline.

We've seen a desperate, failing party elite gloating because its anointed candidate has managed to survive the onslaught of a 74-year old secular Jewish socialist with zero institutional support.

We've seen liberals who, in 2008, wrote poetically about the blossoming prospect of America's youth embrace conservative tropes about deluded, over-idealistic young people.

We've seen a campaign with a populist message win support from working-class white voters without backtracking on social issues, which liberals have long insisted was impossible.

And, of course, we've seen left-wing critiques of the American political and economic system gain a widespread audience for the first time in possibly decades. And that's pretty good day.

This isn't the end of the fun, of course. There's still the general election, where establishment Dems will do the best they can to pretend none of this ever happened. How much longer can they gleefully trample over their party's future? And what will be the impact of blaming young people for their losses in 2018 and 2020, as is the traditional Democratic playbook?