14 October 2007

It's never too early

If you are, like me, the token Commie in your family, you know how hard it can be to find appropriate Christmas presents for your loved ones.  Fortunately, Jillian at Sadly, No has found the perfect gift for the wingnut who has everything; a tasteful "God, Country, Capitalism" sticker for their favorite consumption machine!

She adds;

So often, we liberals seem to forget that Jesus was a graduate of the Chicago School of Economics. Our atheistic ways mean that we rarely read His Supply Side Sermon on the Mount, with its stirring and heartfelt claim of blessings for those who manage offshore funds — for theirs will be the Kingdom of No Capital Gains Taxes. This tasteful and decorative magnet can be a reminder of the lessons learned from the parable of the loaves and fishes, when Saint Milton, in a moment of senile dementia, asked Jesus to feed the poor, and Jesus replied, “Though the power to multiply loaves and fishes is within my grasp, the creation of such fiat food would cheapen the supply of actually existing food, and lead to a dangerous spiral of food inflation. The poor shall be fed when Caesar stops taxing the small business owner, allowing him to create more jobs, for which these mooches who follow me will qualify.” The wingnut in your life will be grateful for your recognition of the fact that God is both an American and a capitalist, and will hopefully therefore shut up for at least five minutes about how George Soros is actually Stalin’s first cousin.
Amen, and pass the collection plate...to me!