16 November 2007


All The News Not Fit For a Real Post

Remember the fan consortium attempting to buy an English football club? They've found one; Ebbsfleet United of the Blue Square Premiere, the fifth tier of English football.

Awesome-sauce story of the week. The U.S. Women's Bridge Team has caused a worldwide furor with a spontaneous anti-Bush sign at an international competition. The local brownshirts are unhappy.

A Tiny Revolution explains the world. It's important to remember that, by their nature, right-wing nationalist regimes will inevitably come in contact with each other and, as a result, adopt legitimate critiques of the other. There's no need for progressives to feel embarrassed about the neocons sudden concern for human rights in Iran, being as transparently opportunistic as it is now that they'd like to bomb the Iranian regime. It's not easy to do this, of course, but important.