29 November 2007

Dick Morris in Kenya

Ah, another wonderful American export. From the indispensable Global Voices Online, former Clinton advisor Dick Morris showed up to back the frontrunner in the upcoming presidential election, only to be hustled out of the country a day later on work permit-related issues.

This gives me a chance to recommend the excellent documentary Our Brand is Crisis, about the adventures of the Clintonite political gurus of Greenberg Carville Shrum on behalf of ex-Bolivian president Gonzalo Sanchez "Goni" de Lozada. Not to spoil the ending (which is rather impossible to do with a historical documentary anyway), but you might note that Goni is currently in the United States being sheltered from extradition on corruption charges by the Morales government. But that doesn't surprise you, does it?

EDIT: And apparently it's being remade as a feature by George Clooney. Interesting.

EDIT II: Firefox's spellchecker is near-useless.