08 December 2008

In good company

Last Wednesday, over 100 nations gathered in Norway to sign a treaty renouncing the use of cluster bombs.  Unsurprisingly, the United States wasn't one of them.  We need more efficent methods to maim and kill poor people; the ordinary ones aren't getting the job done all that well.  This, of course, is the kind of rebuff we usually show for the international community, which goes unremarked upon at the time but will be dismissed as Totally Unserious when it ends up in a Noam Chomsky book years later. 

"Oh boo-hoo Blame-America-Firster!" the jingoes inevitably cry.  "Uhmerica wasn't the only nation to turn down the cluster munitions treaty!"  Well, they're right.  We were joined by such leading lights of Enlightenment as Russia, China, Pakistan, and Israel.  Hey, if you line it up, it surely forms some kind of Axis.  A bit crooked but...hey, Axis of Crooked.  I think it'll work.