02 December 2008

In Soviet Canuckistan, liberal hawk pundits you!

Less than two months after winning re-election, Stephen Harper's Tory government looks to be on the verge of falling after a series of rapid-fire economic blunders, including a proposal to end public financing of political parties.  

In case the discovery that Canada has public financing of parties--and it's apparently so politcally ironclad that opposing it helped bring down the government--has made you yearn to move North again, bear this in mind.  The new Liberal-NDP coalition government could be led by none other than Michael Ignatieff.  Liberal hawk idiots may be able to fall great distances upward in America, but at least they have so far been unable to achieve head of government.  So while you may not be moving to Canada, Thomas Friedman, Peter Beinart, and Matt Yglesias are all packing their bags.