30 March 2009

No no no

This is all kinds of wrong, but I can see the sentiment, shared by John Cole, creeping in as an appeal to the left to shut down the criticism of Obama. No thinking adult--not that there are many in the political class--should fall for the "even-the-liberal-Paul-Krugman-says" trick, since presumably one should be able to distinguish between right criticism and left criticism. And who really cares if Republicans try to adopt lefty criticism of Obama into their oeuvre? The opposition party always tries to seize on any opportunity to knock the party in power even if that criticism isn't consistent with their alleged principles. That's as essential to American politics as coke and hookers. Doesn't mean anyone should listen.


While I'm happy for Matt Duss making the big time, and agree with his point that one can never err on the side of too much military force in American politics, I should point out that this is hardly limited to neoconservatives. One need look no farther than Duss' own colleague at ThinkProgress, Matt Yglesias, to discover this. At a Serious Liberal think tank, one doesn't get too comfortable declaring the overratedness of the cruise missile.