16 March 2009

Sounds like a job for the tool man

Lefty Mauricio Funes won the presidency of El Salvador on Sunday, ending 20 years of U.S.-supported right-wing rule.

Jubilant, red-clad Funes supporters poured into the streets of San Salvador, whooping, clapping, blowing whistles and waving large party flags. Colorful fireworks lit up the night sky.

Funes, 49, rode a wave of discontent with two decades of Arena party rule that had brought economic growth but did little to redress social inequalities. Fuel and food prices have soared, while powerful gangs extort businesses and fight for control of the drug trade, resulting in one of Latin America's highest murder rates.

Funes has promised to crack down on big businesses which he says exploit government complacency to evade taxes.

"The time has come for the excluded, the opportunity has arrived for genuine democrats, for men and women who believe in social justice and solidarity," he told a rally of supporters early today.

Can you believe these Latin American peons electing lefties whenever we give them a chance to vote for their own leaders? A real shame we have to keep going in there and fixing it up for them