28 January 2008

From your lips to God's ears, vol. 1

Steve Benen brings us this beauty from Jonathon Hoenig of the unironically-named CapitalistPig Asset Management, on the equally unironically-named Fox News program "The Cost of Freedom."

“What worries me about the Democrats is that if you listen to them, their message is so explicitly socialist. I mean, at every opportunity they seem to have this contempt for capitalism, this relentless pursuit of collectivism and this total distrust for free markets. If you put all the politics aside, their goal is a national health care program. Their goal is environmentalism. They see bigger government in every element of public life. That has never been good for America and it has never been good for the market either.”
After many years wandering in the wilderness, experimenting with hard drugs, pansexual orgies, and "Liberal Fascism," the prodigal sons of the Right have finally returned home to their red-baiting roots. Let us kill the fatted calf in celebration, and give a toast to Comrade Hillary and the Democratic