28 January 2008

Too little, too late

The Wall Street Journal throws some cold water on the Obama-mentum after his blowout win in South Carolina.

Among the major Super Tuesday contests, Mrs. Clinton has wide -- in some cases double-digit -- polling leads in California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Arizona, Missouri and Alabama. Mr. Obama leads in his home state of Illinois and in Georgia.

The demographics in many of those states also seem to play more to Mrs. Clinton's strengths, with big populations of Latinos and white women, groups that helped carry her to victory over Mr. Obama in New Hampshire and Nevada.

So far, Clinton's big leads have had a way of disappearing as the primary date grew closer, but this time the significant Obama ground game won't have a chance to plant itself and gain traction. Turnouts will be lower, and will be decided more by the Clinton-worshiping Dem establishment.

A quick and merciful end may be the best-case scenario for the pitiable donkey party at this point, before anybody gets seriously injured, and before too many Sensibles start to realize that the Clintonian reputation for underhanded Machiavellian tactics wasn't just a creation of the Evil MSM after all.