06 January 2008

Latest from the Dept. of Inevitability

Clinton camp: Obama's too liberal.

This Titanic is going bow-up. Clinton has been swamped by the "change" narrative, and is trying to bail out water by adopting it herself, but that's not very believable when you've surrounded yourself with all of your husband's old cruise-missile liberals and anti-union thugs.

That's one problem down. Alas, we may have replaced it with an even greater albatross. Lambert at Corrente has the essential Obama-skepticism post.

On my worst days, I imagine Obama as an Mr. Potato Head candidate, to which consumers can attach all of their own disparate beliefs onto his giant personality. But the only people getting any material benefit are the manufacturers of Mr. Potato Head, and the only people President Obama will be indebted to are the people who built him. It's fitting that Obama would be so closely aligned to a similar phenomenon, but what works for uplifting daytime television may not translate to the more hostile world of politics.