05 March 2008

Do the hokey pokey

From McCain's victory speech:

I will defend the decision to destroy Saddam Hussein's regime as I criticized the failed tactics that were employed for too long to establish the conditions that will allow us to leave that country with our country's interests secure and our honor intact.

And the Iraqis? Ah, fuck'em, who cares? Of course, McCain's quote could just as easily been uttered by any calm, reasoned Sensible Liberal who believe nebulous "national interests" are good enough charge to launch imperial wars, and only bother to repeat the number of dead American soldiers as an indictment of the war. Americans want lower gas prices! Americans need lower gas prices! And by God, if some brown people have to die to get them, well, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

Speaking of which, the bad news about Hillary Clinton's wins on Tuesday is that it will only encourage her to show more of that Sensible side, though the infamous Red Phone ad urging Americans to FEAR! looks a touch hypocritical when you consider what Bubba said in the past. She's also responded to the recent spillover of the ongoing Columbian civil war by blaming it all on ol' Hugo, which is sure to play well with the good patriots. The Columbian government, of course, is one of the last US proxies in the region, and every good Sensible knows that such puppeteering is not at all illegitimate, and sometimes you gotta break a few of someone else's eggs to make an omelet. What are you, some kinda hippie? However, none of this is relevant; I only oppose Clinton because I represent the hard left sexist vote.