20 March 2008

Then we came to the end

What's the significance of saving the South Regional for last? Into the homestretch now, so things are going to get even shorter....

SOUTH Region

1 Memphis vs 16 Texas-Arlington

No one runs up the score quite like Memphis, so if you've got a pool for largest margin of victory, take this game.

8 Mississippi State vs 9 Oregon

Worth it to eyeball itty-bitty Ducks guard Tajuan Porter. Mississippi State survived a tornado, they can survive a very fortunate Oregon squad.

5 Michigan State vs 12 Temple

Michigan State teams of recent vintage always seem to be underachieving. Still, I think they have enough to see off a streaking Temple team. Now that John Chaney has departed the scene, though, I wouldn't mind an Owls win so much.

4 Pittsburgh vs 13 Oral Roberts

It was revealed last year that the Roberts family which runs ORU has been pocketing sums of university donation for use on, among other things, a $30,000 "evangelistic" plane trip to the Bahamas and a $39,000-a-year tab at a clothing store. Also, the wife of the university president ran up $800 phone bills sending early morning text messages to underage boys. Thank you Jesus, for blessing us with televangelists.

6 Marquette vs 11 Kentucky

Kentucky turned around an abysmal start to squeak into the tournament (being Kentucky helps), However, they are without the main catalyst for their second-half revival, freshman center Patrick Patterson was lost to injury. Marquette is baffling, but Kentucky is weak tea.

3 Stanford vs 14 Cornell

If this battle of Vaguely Red Colors is tied after regulation, in lieu of an overtime period the teams will decide the outcome by comparing dissertations on the Stoic philosophers.

7 Miami vs 10 St. Marys

The Gaels have the pipeline down under, with no fewer than four players from the land of Oz on the roster. They've stumbled lately after a great start, but I feel so attached to them.

2 Texas vs 15 Austin Peay

Adolescents everywhere rejoice at the possibility of the dream Oral Roberts vs. Austin Peay Sweet 16 matchup. If only Longwood College and Ball State were around to fill out the All-Giggles Final Four.

1 Memphis vs 8 Mississippi State
4 Pittsburgh vs 5 Michigan State
3 Stanford vs 6 Marquette
2 Texas vs 10 St. Marys

1 Memphis vs 4 Pittsburgh
3 Stanford vs 2 Texas

2 Texas vs 4 Pittsburgh

Final Four

Texas vs UCLA
Georgetown vs North Carolina

National Champion: UCLA over North Carolina

Just a WAG, really, but isn't everybody?