04 March 2008

From Texas to Ohio

(h/t Damien Jurado)

This primary race refuses to end. After it appeared Obama may salt things away by capturing Texas and drawing in Ohio, a late surge in the polls show Clinton has drawn even in Texas and re-established a solid lead in Ohio. Should it play out that way it seems increasingly likely there won't be a winner until the convention.

I'm being reassured by Democrats on the web--reassuring themselves more than anyone else, I think-- that this battle between Clinton and Obama isn't as bloody and traumatic as some in the press have claimed. We'll see how long that lasts; the fire is still a flicker, and it has a long time yet to turn into a blaze. And there are still land mines along the way.

Obama, sadly, has mostly been a disappointment of late. He's already let me down by disavowing the "liberal" label. I don't expect Obama to suddenly profess radicalism, but he can't even embrace a mainstream political opinion with a lengthy tradition in upright American political circles? A little embarrassing. Likewise, his response to the Muslim-baiting strategy of emphasizing his very common middle name has been a little too enthusiastic for my (and Naomi Klein's) taste.

On the flip side, I did appreciate Obama's response to the charges that he and his wife Michelle are insufficiently patriotic. It's for from ideal for me, but is much better to the typical Democratic response to call a press conference and hump the flag for two hours whenever a right-winger calls their loyalty to the Fatherland in question.