03 August 2008

The other inside job

The 9/11 Troofer folks get a hard time, and rightfully so, but it's worth remembering that much of the smug dismissals coming from Serious avenues are not an individual response but rather hand-waving at conspiracy theories in general, hoping that no one will look for the ones that might be true. This was made clear again last week when the case of the post-9/11 anthrax attacks--largely forgotten by the mainstream press--was thrown into more uncertainty by the apparent suicide of the FBI's latest suspect. Those attacks claimed to be the work of Islamic terrorists, and were suggested solemnly by the likes of Joe Lieberman and John McCain to perhaps originate from Saddam Hussein, but were instead traced to one of the U.S. Army's own research labs.

Was it an aborted early attempt by the government to manufacture a pretext for the Iraq invasion? Curiously, it was virtually ignored when the neo-cons were manufacturing their case the next year. Perhaps they decided simply making shit up was more effective.

Greenwald, as usual, has more.