05 April 2009

Guns. Lots of guns

Apparently the nutter who knocked off three police officers in Pittsburgh Saturday had his nudgules in a twitch because he thought the Obama administration was preparing to ban guns.

I'll have to confer with the rest of my Commieliberofascist colleagues here, but I can't understand how the paranoia over some impending seizure of the nation's firearms continues to perpetuate itself. As best as I can tell, no one on our side has expended much energy on gun control for years.

Of course, even if they weren't paranoid, I'd have a hard time sympathizing with the gun nutters. I suppose they fancy themselves as Second Amendment warriors, standing in to turn back the tide of the inevitable showdown with Big Gummit, but look, kids, I'm gonna help you out here. This ain't the 18th century anymore, and you're gonna need more than farmers with muskets to beat the Gummit's army these days. Why these folks think guns are so essential to their survival is beyond me. Perhaps they really do think of their weapon as a part of their, un, anatomy.