06 April 2009

I can't think of any more post titles...

Gracchus on the Obama-Notre Dame kerfuffle.

Why is the Church now more and more consistently putting sociocon, Christian right issues ahead of its own declared progressivism on matters of economics and social democracy?
Why is it in this way doing exactly what the Republican Party has been urging working class whites to do since Richard Nixon and Billy Graham became such soul-mates?
I admit, I'm not going to agree with the Catholics even if they were to start acting more in accordance with what they claim to believe, but at this point, I'm really starting to feel sorry for them. C'mon guys, have a little dignity. Show that you aren't actually completely beholden to right-wing political interests. No institution which has been around as long as you have, however checkered that past may be, deserves to go out like this. Does it?