15 April 2009

Teabaggers in paradise

God, aren't the connies cute? Why, it was just a few years ago they were fantasizing about running over hippie protesters with their SUV's and now they have an itty bitty protest of their own. I'm so proud of them. Hey, if you folks want to change the world so much, why don't you get a real job! Oh, man, that was.... funny.....tears.....

There was even a mini-teabag going on a few blocks from where I volunteer, sponsored in part by the un-self-consciously named Restoring our Heritage. Mr. Paxton, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Apparently a reverend was in attendence as well, so I missed his surely-enlightening interpretation of the Bible's position on government spending.

Of course, one must go in expecting disappointment when looking for consistency out of our right-wing colleagues. As Glennzilla writes today, all of the right's leading lights are in full lather over a Homeland Security report about the terrorist threat from right-wing extremist groups. (Why they'd be upset at a report clearly delineating "extremists" is unknown but, hey, if the shoe fits.) Totally lacking any sense of irony, the righties have completely reversed their embrace of surveillance expansion during the Bush years. Did they really believe Republicans would stay in power forever, and that the policies they cheered on would never be used against them? Do they think the policies of one administraton are completely reset to zero when the next president assumes power? This is so brazenly, obviously, apparent that I'm really dumbstruck how any logical human could possibly pull such a rhetorical whiplash.

Perhaps they're just as shocked as I am that the government actually spent some time looking at far-right nutters. I've always assumed if you were a lefty and didn't have an FBI file, its because you weren't working hard enough. The world sure is upside down.