17 May 2009

Oh my Gawd

Salon introduced a new column last week where an anonymous conservative analyst answers your probing questions. This week he or...well, who are we kidding?...explains why the dumb citizens of other countries don't ditch their nationalized health care system.
It is also true that most of the people who utilize the national healthcare systems -- to get stitches, to have broken bones set, to get regular checkups -- do not require innovative or life-saving techniques and so are probably perfectly happy with the inexpensive care the government can provide, pretty much without issue.

But, as one think tank director here in the United States told me, only a small percentage of Canadians have to deal, on a yearly basis, with the really bad outcomes, like a death caused by or contributed to by long waiting lines for diagnoses or procedures.

"If you have lost a family member because of the waiting lines, you are hopping mad and probably ripe for reform," the director told me. "For the vast majority of Canadians, though, the system has been fine. Until the day it isn't, that is."
Really? Really??? You're going to bat with that? In the United Frakking States of Tens of Millions of Un-to-Underinsured Not to Mention Bankrupted by Medical Bills America?




There are no words.