18 May 2009

Rules of attraction

Ran across a journal a few days ago explaining the maxim that, regardless of what the male writers of situation and romantic comedies may think, people mostly end up partnered with someone on the same strata of physical attractiveness relative to their gender.

While this is essentially true across the board, I've found it to be particularly true among a certain population; evangelical Christians. Yes, the same subset of people most likely to vehemently deny the importance of sexual attraction in their relationships. In fact, that is pretty much the only criteria the potential evangelical mate can work with. The evangelical life is heavily gender-segregated, and men and women are encouraged never to become close friends with each other. Talking too much apparently leads to fucking; carnal lust being the sole relevant human desire and all.

I did occasionally marvel at what evangelical couples ever discussed. Those must have been the closest things to arranged marriages without being called as such in the contemporary world.