27 May 2009


I'm nowhere near being able to determine whether Sotomayor's opinion's have "intellectual depth" or not. She seems to have qualifications consistent with the SCOTUS. But I can tell that the argument has pretty much played out the way I expected. Conservatives are racists, and liberals argue that Sotomayor should be confirmed because conservatives are racists.

Apparently she's a Serious Intellectual Centrist. Oh happy days. Of course, Obama could have picked a qualified Hispanic woman who's more progressive. Right-wingers are going to have the same fit about far-left judicial activists regardless. But why should he? Everyone knows the liberal pressure groups go starry-eyed whenever there's race or gender in play, but do they know or care what her actual judicial history or past opinions have been?

I'm not opposed to "affirmative action hires" if one wants to use that epithet. In fact, let's have more of them. But, as expected, Obama seems to go for the most milquetoast moderate he can find. At least Clarence Thomas was already taken.