06 August 2009


Continuing the new bizaro-world right-wing embrace of protesting, the teabaggers have taken to taken to healthcare town hall meetings across the country to read aloud from their inbox and talk-radio script. In a not-quite-revelatory discovery, I've noticed that these self-styled glibertarians who squeal on and on about the Constitution tend to have the same predilections that befall another group of people who claim to take their scriptures literally.

Both Biblical and Constitutional literalists have a fun way of ignoring or creatively interpreting sectoins of the holy book which don't reinforce their prefabricated worldview.

Which is irrelevant because the reason people appeal to scriptures in the first place is to obfuscate the fact that their beliefs--in the case of the teabaggers, opposition to universal health care--can't be defended by appeals to common reason.

(This is especially peculiar for Constitutional literalists, since the document was never meant to be permanently inerrant. So who knows why they cling to the idea.)