17 August 2009

Hold on to the water

Just saw this Tweet from Greg Mitchell of Editor & Publisher.
Baseball fans: Wash Nats just hours away from NOT signing top pick Strasburg. MLB's lack of economic parity pitiful.
"Economic parity" in sports sounds nice and socialistic on the surface, but in practice inevitably means artificially reduced salaries and resultant increased profits for management. Which is likely why so many people who would run screaming at any mention of socialism support the idea so uncritically. There's no reason to cry any tears for the Nationals who may be making the smartest move in franchise history so far--given the track record of previous "can't miss" pitchers in the draft--by not succumbing to Boras' ridiculous demands. On the other hand, they knew the risk when they drafted him, so as ever the Nationals can only lose by winning.