02 August 2009

A long way between horizons

Paul Krugman wonders:
When I saw that Michelle Malkin will be on the Stephanopoulos panel this week, my first thought was that nobody as far to the left as she is to the right would ever appear on such a panel. But then I started to wonder (a) what I mean by that (b) if it’s true.
Well of course it's true. Regardless of whether one finds him agreeable, Noam Chomsky is one of the country's great academics and extremely popular, yet will never appear on a Sunday talk show panel. Partially because the people who would read a Gnome Chomsky book aren't going to watch This Week with George Whoever. Conservatives, for all of their obstinate kvetching about lib'rul media, will gladly flock to whatever corporate outlet genuflects to them. Generally, the only place on television one can find actual lefty or anti-imperialist libertarian voices are on Bill Maher's show or occasionally the Stewart/Colbert hour (such as whenever Lewis Black is on The Daily Show). Turns out not only do you get better news from comedy, but a wider range of opinions, too.