08 September 2009

Money money money money!

But, but, but," the teabaggers whine "healthcare costs mooooooney!" Yes, all upon fall, there's no such thing as a free lunch. If we're going to decide that lacking cash is not a good reason to let people rot in the gutter, then someone's going to have to pay for it.


What we've got here is a fundamental question of whether or not those people who are Not Me are actual human beings or a collection of ideas that we sometimes have to pay attention to because they seem to be existing in the same universe as I do.

Boo hoo, we can't paaaaaaaay for it!

The people who face financial and/or physical ruin from our delightful Free Market health insurance industry are already paying for it. It's not a matter of whether health care will be paid for, but who will be doing the paying. Cold cash ain't the only kind of capital.

But I am my own man! I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps! I wear bootstraps! Whatever pantywaist commie said you should love your neighbor as yourself obviously didn't believe in the American Dream. Freedom! Freedom means I can punch someone else's nose and laugh because they can't afford to pay for it!

Sane countries admit that they are nations of communities as well as individuals, and so every individual acknowledges hir responsibility to pay a little extra so individuals aren't destroyed by events out of their control. This is not a sane country. This is a country of cruel, savage individuals driven to sociopathic lengths to annihilate everyone save our own bloodline. I am surprised we manage to keep the polite veneer.

I am a little sad that I was not around to hear the teabaggers debate the introduction of socialized fire departments. "Forsooth," our hypothetical teabagger must have said, "we just don't have enough water to put out a house that can't afford a proper central heating system." It is to chuckle.