13 September 2009

A teabag in every pot

Vastly underrated comic performance artist Glenn Beck sent his millions thousands of teabaggers Saturday to the nation's capital to protest...well, something or other. If you're curious about the choice of the date, Beck would like to see the country return to its post-9/11 willingness to bomb and torture Muslims and hand over their money to the wealthy without asking any questions. Uniting the Nation in shared hatred of a dastardly Enemy is pretty much in the clinical definition of fascism, but I said Beck was funny, not intelligent.

The theme of the meeting, or lack thereof, is summed up pretty well by this photo and its bizarre, abstract Pelosi sign. (And you thought lefty protesters couldn't say on message.) This is the third such Teabag Protest Day, and while the message I guess is supposed to be anti-Gummit, but the actual turnout seems to be an excuse for any and every conservative cause to come out and get its picture on the teevee.

Mostly they seem to be pissed off about losing the election. Alas, as this is not a parliamentary system, they can't have Congress call a new one. Though if they'd like to start that petition, I'll sign up. But I doubt it, parliamentary government is something Communist countries have. I gather this because they seem to be shaking and trembling over the notion that the Democrats might be faintly pursuing policy they campaigned on during the last election. Perhaps they overslept that day.

This, of course, only makes the Democrats' capitulation even more pathetic to contemplate. Give in to the right's every whine and folly, like removing end-of-life counseling from the healthcare bill because morons think it's a "death panel," and conservatives still wail and moan about the president being terribly, terribly divisive. These are spoiled children; they will have it all or go to their room and pout. There's nothing you can do to bargain with them. The Democrats will, though, because caving to the right is what Democrats do, even if no one is asking for it.