07 May 2008

Feast your eyes on this


Ken Silverstein explains how America rules.
[Y]ou probably haven’t heard much about the weekend voting in Equatorial Guinea, the pro-American, oil-rich nation led for the past 29 years by Brigadier General Teodoro Obiang Nguema. “The West African state voted Sunday in parliamentary and local elections whose outcome was a foregone conclusion for observers, amid opposition charges of voting irregularities and harassment,” reports AFP. “According to first partial official results, the president’s [party] won 100 percent of the vote in some constituencies in the election to parliament.”
I've never understood why you'd rig an election to give yourself 100 percent of the vote. Are these guys really so vain that they'd sacrifice any hint of credibility for the self-assurance that no-one opposes them?

Silverstein links to this piece giving more detail on this lovable fellow who somehow hasn't caught on as a cause celebre among Hollywood liberals.

Here is the Donkeyman's new favorite blog. ;-)

And here is a new entrant into the All-Name Hall of Fame for whom someone has already got the induction plaque ready.

Yeah, you'll just have to deal with the motorsport posts for a few weeks.

I've finished "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" (yeah, I'm still slow) and can recommend it, though Hedges relies too much on Shakespeare for me. Nonetheless, I'm encouraged to see him keep digging an even deeper hole with the Serious Liberals.