06 May 2008

Over = Very Yes

Rest easy, Obama fans, my dire prediction isn't going to come to pass. It turns out Indiana may have played a decisive role in this year's elections after all. Clinton is going to get a very slim win in the Hoosier state but that margin, combined with a decisive defeat in North Carolina, will be awfully hard to spin in the expectations game. And indeed, it's being reported that Clinton has canceled her media appearances for Wednesday morning.

Perhaps Clinton is going to concede after all, as surely she must now. Her last hope that she has been flogging since before PA--claiming Obama is unelectable and divisive--is now toast as Obama re-establishes his pre-Wright, pre-Ayers constituency. On the other hand, Clinton is bound to put up big numbers in KY and WV, and may wait to see if there's another last-ditch sales pitch to twist enough arms in her favor.

If we're lucky, we won't have to wait for her to make the call. Many believe that enough superdelegates have been laying in wait for the right media cover to come flooding in behind Obama. Now that he has regained momentum in the national narrative, Obama could get enough of them to put him over the top and effectively declare a TKO.