04 May 2008

The weekender

Yes yes yes. This bugged me for a while last year, then I got over it largely because I don't hang out on social networking sites much. I'm sure your carefully-culled lists of highbrow pursuits says something about you, just not as much as you think it does.

I think this shows meeting people blindly through their internet profiles is almost as futile as any real-world forerunner. Many people use taste as a firewall, but it's a very rudimentary one. For example, even if I were marginally literate, I'd still be a douchebag, and no amount of Proust is likely to change that.

Remember when I said this?
...it may be a blessing in disguise for the Reds to fall out of contention early...
Well, that plan is working out brilliantly.

Paul Jay talks with Dwight Hopkins, a professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School and a member of Trinity United Church of Christ about Wright and Obama.

Hopkins answers a couple of questions I had been curious about and changes my view here slightly. Particularly, he says no young black politician looking to break through into the Chicago scene would choose to attend Trinity if he or she were simply looking to put a church photo up on the desk. So that absolves Obama of the charge of opportunism, but it doesn't make his sudden "I know thee not!" posture any clearer. Obama must have been aware of Trinity's reputation for radicalism which means--juggle your prayer beads, kids--it wasn't Wright's opinions that suddenly changed when he was faced with the national spotlight.

While you're enjoying the fruits of New Labour in the recent British local elections, let me drop a recommendation for This is England, a grimy, tough and sweet picture about a young misfit boy caught up in a world of English nationalism and skinhead culture in the early 1980s. Top-tier work.