11 May 2008

The weekender

Sensible Liberal Moment of the Day.

That’s an interesting argument because virtually every liberal blogger I read was extremely critical of Wright’s recent narcissistic rant. For that matter, I didn't see anyone endorsing his earlier statements either (some made the analytically distinct point that it was a silly controversy). For that reason, I anxiously awaited his evidence of the “left’s” “newfound love.” He gave three — all people I’d never heard of: (1) John Nichols of The Nation, (2) Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell, and (3) former Tribune public editor Don Wycliff. Quite an impressive list. Maybe these are all liberal luminaries who I've missed over the past four years of blogging, but it seems like he should have added more beef to make such a sweeping, nasty point about so many people.
Here we have a well-executed Sensible Double-Axle. Step One: Read an unhinged righty diatribe about supposedly unforgivable liberal misdeeds. Step Two: Reassure your friend that no one save Dirty Frakkin' Hippies would defend those sorts of things anyway, and he certainly won't see anything but deference and capitulation out of you. Stick the landing!

Speaking of which, the Real News goes where Real Liberals fear to tread; inside Trinity Church of Christ for a five-part feature with Paul Jay and Prof. Dwight Hopkins.

Mother Jones and Brave New Films have teamed up for this video featuring one of John McCain's emissaries in the world of faith.

Provided the McCain-Parsley link were ever explored in depth--and fat chance of that--it would produce some very thorny election geography problems for Sen. St. BBQ. Parsley is a high roller in Ohio, and if McCain wants to command the same kind of fervor from the faithful flock that carried Bush in 2004, he needs to have someone of Parsley's statue delivering the mail for him. Especially since McCain, unlike Bush, lacks fluency in evangelicalism and is already distrusted. If he has to publicly repudiate Parsley's endorsement, he risks disillusioning thousands of right-wing Christian voters in a swing state.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D - MN) in Counterpunch? My mind is blown. More Dems like that one, please.

The always-funny Lewis Black tells us how he's spending his $600 tax rebate

Finally, I get to decide how to spend my tax dollars. I wonder what countries I could invade for $600?

Also, don't miss Monday's Daily Show with guest Bill Moyers, who's out stumping for his new book.