09 July 2008

Hump day nuggets

Great powers v. Small powers, cont.

The US Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, called for tighter sanctions on Iran today after it fired nine test missiles that were capable of hitting American and Israeli bases.

"Iran is a great threat. We have to make sure we are working with our allies to apply tightened pressure on Iran," the Illinois senator said.

It's good to know I wasn't the only one who hated The Female Brain. And there are scientifically valid reasons, as well.


Labor Notes on educating union members about immigration.


If the New York Times magazine wants to call Rush Limbaugh a "public intellectual" I don't see a problem with it. How much of a better illustration could there be that conservatism must be losing its legs than that it considers vapid gasbags like Limbaugh and Jonah Goldberg intellectual titans.


Quelle surprise. Perhaps the full story of the "daring rescue" of hostages from FARC isn't being told by the American press.

I found this tucked in the Buzzflash article:

The rescue also comes at a curiously propitious time for the Bush Adminsitration and its "made man" in Colombia, President Alvaro Uribe. He is seeking to pass a plebiscite to allow him an unprecedented third term. Furthermore, Uribe is being used by the U.S. as a proxy opponent to Chavez in terms of leadership in South America. In addition, let's not forget that the controversial Columbia "Free Trade Pact" is stalled in Congress. Finally -- and most curiously -- John McCain inexplicably showed up in Colombia around the time of the "rescue." (emphasis mine)
*gasp!* Oh noes, the creeping dictatorship! Who will oppose this grievous erosion of democracy? (Oh wait, he's our guy, so it's not the same.)