22 July 2008

The playlist


"L.E.S. Artistes" - Santogold

This record has been getting a lot of deserved praise, and this sassy, kicking opener may be my favorite tune of the year so far. I don't see the M.I.A. comparisons though, beyond mashing different musical genre together.

"Billy Liar" - The Decemberists

I don't know if anyone actually saw me with my knickers down while I was staying in the family's sun room last week, but the whole Christian world could have if it had the desire.

"Mr. November" - The National

Tucked at the end of "Alligator," this is the perfect tune to rock yourself to sleep at night sucking your thumb over failed potential. (Get the t-shirt)

"Constructive Summer' - The Hold Steady

...and the necessary song to snap out of the above stupor.

"Sodom, South Georgia" - Iron & Wine

You can't go to the South without a torrid tale of an eccentric murder, and no one weaves stories through the languid summer air like Sam Bean.

"Penetration" - Pedro the Lion

"Have you ever seen an idealist with gray hairs on his head?/Or successful men who keep in touch with unsuccessful friends?" Bazan hides his typically dark sarcasm inside this wall of noise that anchors his "Control" song cycle, a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of untrammeled

"Choctaw Bingo" - James McMurtry

Sadly, the trip was nowhere near as exciting as the one described in this tune. (Perhaps I should say happily, as I doubt I'm the kind of guy to handle it.)

"Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure"- The Weakerthans

Nothing thematic here; just one of the best songs ever about the relationship between a man and his runaway cat.

"American Wedding" - Gogol Bordello

See above. That Hütz is a hard man to please.