10 July 2008

Today in NIMBY

A group of resourceful teenagers in Greenwich, CT decide to remake a grown-over lot into a wiffle-ball field, and what does the community do? Loses its damn mind, is what.

The regular players, mostly high school boys but including Tara Currivan, 15 (who swings a mean bat and brings lemonade to the field), and Scott Atkinson, 13, seem a little befuddled by the whole thing. “They think we’re a cult,” said Jeff Currivan, 17. “People think we should be home playing ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ ”

And they seem to get the fact that many adults are taken with the idea of kids’ doing something that’s not structured, not organized and not oriented toward improving your SAT scores.

“It’s just old-fashioned fun,” said Vincent Provenzano. “We did it on our own. Maybe people think that’s unusual.”

What are these kids doing learning co-operation! They are wasting time which should be used to compete tooth and claw to crush the inferior spawn of my half-wit neighbors! Onward, my child, KILL KILL KILL!

And that lot was worth $1.25 million. Kids these days with no respect for the authority of capital. *shaking head*