03 June 2008

Database blues

Sorta lacking in inspiration this week; let's see what's news.


After today's primaries, most "official" outlets have gone ahead and awarded Obama the nomination. Whether Clinton will press on after failing to turn a miracle at last weekend's rules committee meeting hasn't yet been announced. Being someone who's entirely too trusting of human nature, my inclination is that she'll do the modest thing and drop out. Even if she did, for whatever reason, want to drag this out to the convention, I'm sure the Penn/Ickes/McAuliffe squadron of weasels would still like to get their grubby paws on future Democratic candidates.


I never thought I'd enjoy a "noise" band, but I really like this stuff from UK-based act Fuck Buttons.


How's this for a first week in the big leagues?

.577 AVG, 1.705 OPS, 3 HRs, 7 RBIs, 12 Runs, 2 SBs

That's Jay Bruce's line through Monday. How did that Corey Patterson thing work out, anyway?

Unlike some other people, I'm not too distraught over the Reds season just yet. Then again, I didn't harbor too many fantasies of being a contending ball club already in 2008. At 28-31, they're actually one game closer to .500 than my pre-season predictions and, with Homer Bailey starting on Thursday, now have all of the Fab Five together in the major leagues and showing well, though it's questionable whether Bailey still belongs in that class given his command issues.

The worst thing about the Reds' current situation is that they are in the dreaded "contender limbo," just good enough to be on the fringe of the wild card race. That means you're not in a favorable position to be a seller at the trade deadline, and your GM may pull a Krivsky 2006 and make a desperate trade for marginal improvements to a longshot team.