26 June 2008

Focus on flim-flammery

So wife-beating apologist James Dobson has struck out at Obama, claiming he has a "confused theology" and a "fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution." Ol' Daddy D is not having a very good year, and if this is the best he can do to stop the slow bleed of evangelicals from the Grand Old Pews than his star has fallen rather far indeed.

Pastor Dan seems surprised that the child-beating enthusiast is still shooting wayward bullets in response to Obama's genial approach to religious folk. I'm really not; Dobson is doing what he has to do in order to not invalidate the previous 30 years of his existence, which has been to get the Republican economic agenda enacted. Oh, the subjugation of women and gays is a nice cherry, but the real reason Dobson enforces slavish support for the GOP is to keep your grubby mitts off his ministerial capital. It's the only possible explanation; no one could even pretend to understand the Bible in full and still be completely devoted to right-wing politics. While there are plenty of reasons to criticize the next gen of conservative evangelical leaders like Rick Warren and Richard Cizik, at least they pass this simple test. (And Dobson hits at them, too, when they won't toe the party line.)