27 June 2008

Punching out the bottom from the barrel

Really, I'm not surprised that Obama would decide to pitch right after the primaries were over, I'm just a little taken aback with the ferocity and volume of his sellouts. I didn't expect him to become John Kerry this quickly.

Perhaps the liberals didn't either, because it's suddenly time for another round of the old reliable saw of Nader-hating. OMG, it's neverending Nader Nader Nader with these people. Of course, if their own assessment of Ralphie is correct, they ought to be thanking him for electing the man most responsible for the current rosy electoral output of the Democratic Party; George W. Bush. Or perhaps you thought Donkeys got elected because of policies or actions, so why is Congress so unpopular when they quickly pulled the plug on the war as they were elected to do in 2006? (They did this, right?)

It makes me a little jealous to watch the developing meltdown of New Labour reaping the benefits of being largely indistinguishable from the right-wing party. Alas, this model of imperial government offers no such political recourse.