17 June 2008

More crazy Republicans

But do I repeat myself?

The Donkeyman has the goods on Greg Goode, the GOP hopeful trying to retake the 8th District for the Republicans in the fall. Goode looks to be warming up for a popular pitch in the rural Republican arsenal; if you can't beat 'em, tie 'em to Big Scary Liberals, a tactic which worked to, well, virtually no success in 2006 for Goode's ill-favored predecessor John Hostettler, who I reckon has gone back to his previous life as Phil Simms' backup.

But it's gotta work this year, right? I mean, the radically-Christian black Muslim Communist Barack Hussein Obama X has got to have the heartland stock running for cover. Perhaps not, if a special election last month in Louisiana, which the GOP used as a trial balloon, was any indication. The Republicans lost a longstanding seat despite concerted effort to hang Obama's endorsement around the neck of their opponent.


Also in Louisiana, apparently Gov. Bobby Jindal, a name oft-mentioned as a possible running mate for John McCain, has occasionally had other interests besides politics. He's also been a part-time exorcist.

While Alice and Louise held Susan, her sister continued holding the Bible to her face. Almost taunting the evil spirit that had almost beaten us minutes before, the students dared Susan to read biblical passages. She choked on certain passages and could not finish the sentence "Jesus is Lord." Over and over, she repeated "Jesus is L..L..LL," often ending in profanities. In between her futile attempts, Susan pleaded with us to continue trying and often smiled between the grimaces that accompanied her readings of Scripture. Just as suddenly as she went into the trance, Susan suddenly reappeared and claimed "Jesus is Lord."

With an almost comical smile, Susan then looked up as if awakening from a deep sleep and asked, "Has something happened?" She did not remember any of the past few hours and was startled to find her friends breaking out in cheers and laughter, overwhelmed by sudden joy and relief
Jindal claims to have possibly cured the woman's skin cancer. I can see where McCain could find value in this. (What incantation does it take to make him speak in coherent sentences?)