28 April 2008

The circus is coming to town

The press is already starting to flow in to Indiana, which is the next scheduled Decisive Primary that will turn out to be nothing of the sort. Even the hosts of "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" were speculating on how the Hoosier state will be pandered to. (Charlie Pierce: "They're going to do what everyone in Indiana does; leave!")

Sadly I don't have any special insight on how the state will go. Demographically, it favors Clinton, but Obama has been faring well in other deep-red Midwestern states. Evan Bayh, the state's most popular Dem politician, is in the tank for Clinton. Polls suggest it's a toss-up. It may come down to who visits more often and plays to our desperate love of flattery. This is the biggest role Indiana will ever play in presidential politics under the current system in my lifetime, and frankly, we're holding out our tongues waiting for some sweet, sweet pandering to begin.

I haven't decided whether to employ my own hard-left sexist vote (or my hard-sex leftist vote) or even if I can (shows you how much attention I've been paying). Anyway, this should be the Greatest Week Ever, and I plan to fully enjoy the mud bath before taking a good long shower afterward.

ALSO: Adding to the sudden media infatuation with our state, the Supreme Court has upheld our Ain't No Poor People Votin' in My State Bill. Can a poll tax be far behind? (Oh dear, I fear I'm giving the fascists ideas.)