16 April 2008

Hump day news

Roy Edroso of alicublog summarizes the right-wing blogosphere in the Village Voice. Watch the results pour in!

At the whole world's only source for Giblets, the Giblets himself explains the American working class to Barack Obama.

These salt-of-the-earth folk don't need your condescending liberal elitism to tell them how they feel! They need Giblets's condescending conservative elitism to tell them how they feel! These people aren't "bitter." Far from it! America's impoverished working class are a chipper and cheerful lot, prancing and scampering about their foreclosed homes and crumbling industrial sectors with a spirit of adorable pluckiness, smiling and laughing through their unemployment and their black lung disease like a pack of hardscrabble leprechauns!
This would be funny if it weren't how the press and the neo-feudal manor lords actually believe about flyover country. Hell, it's funny anyway.

What's left in the world to see? How about a Christian racing team? In order to comply with the requisite profile of other Christian entertainment ventures, they'll be forced to use five-year old equipment and follow a more established team around the track, which would seem to make success in racing quite difficult.

This immediately reminded me of the late Doug Shierson, who owned a fairly successful Indycar team in the 1980's. After winning the Indy 500 in 1990 with Arie Luyendyk, Shierson abruptly quit the sport after the season and was never heard from again until his death in 2004. His teams were always sponsored by Domino's Pizza, which was founded by Tom Monaghan, a fundamentalist Catholic who's gone on to build his own combination Catholic university-burg on a swamp in Florida (covered here by Mother Jones). Whether this was a connection or mere coincidence I'm not sure, anyway, I don't believe there was any explicit proselytizing agenda.

Got food riots? Let them eat ethanol!