19 April 2008

The weekender

Election news:

Paraguay could become the latest Latin American country to turn left this weekend if former Catholic bishop Fernando Lugo maintains his lead in the polls. If elected, he would end the 61-year rule of the Colorado party, the longest current one-party government in the world.

The Real News reports.

Will update when the results are in.

The ongoing battle in Nepal between the monarchy and Maoist rebels has reached a turning point, with the Maoists winning a large majority in parliamentary elections. The Asia Times reports on what this could mean for the future of democracy in this country. (Note the Travel Wisconsin ad in the middle of the story.)

The Lincoln-Douglas debate, as moderated by Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos.

Jon Schwarz has the laff line of the day, from a right-winger responding to his article on the Newseum on MoJo online.
Big Business often adores regulation, because it raises the cost of entry into the market and suffocates scrappy but undercapitalized competitors. You think the steel industry, agribusiness, or banks want an economy that is more free, more capitalist, and more competitive than the one we have? You think Boeing wants a smaller, leaner federal government? Their actions suggest otherwise...
Well, I guess that explains the government-lobbyist-boardroom pipeline that appears during Republican administrations. I'd love someone to explain in which possible universe this makes any sense, otherwise I'll have to charitably conclude that Williamson is fucking nuts.

Saturday song: WHY? - The Hollows from SXSW 2008