22 April 2008

A jester in King Capital's court

Bessie the Yorkshire porker is checking the wind velocity, and Satan is queuing up a hot cocoa. What's the occasion? Thomas Frank himself has a column in the Wall Street Journal. Not only that, he'll be a weekly fixture starting in mid-May. Rupert doesn't know about this, right? Is it just coincidence that the former editor has just stepped down? Is this just a clever joke played by a disgruntled intern? Inquiring minds want to know.

I was just wondering a few days ago how Frank manages to get himself taken seriously by the Decents. But this is beyond even the Decents; this is the freakin' WSJ op-ed page. Apparently being really, really brilliant still has a sliver of worth in America.

How much will $3 trillion buy?

In These Times covers the throwdown at the Labor Notes conference between the SEIU and CNA. I've noticed a number of libbloggers running ads from both sides in the conflict, some simultaneously, though almost no one save leftist or labor bloggers has written about it. (Open Left is a rare exception). I'm sure they''re too busy to care right now, but they'll get back to you after the election. Right?

THIS JUST IN! He's buying Newsday!