24 April 2008

Video video

Here's Bernie Sanders on the Colbert Report

And here's Naomi Klein talking about her own bad self.

You can read a Buzzflash interview with Sanders here.

I didn't write about this earlier because I figured you didn't want to be bored by two motorsports notes in quick succession, but Danica Patrick became the first female winner of a major closed-circuit auto race on Sunday at Twin Ring Motegi in Japan. Patrick took the win by being able to conserve enough fuel to make the final stint without an extra pit stop.

I'll commit a heresy here by admitting that I kinda enjoy races decided on fuel strategy. I think it's more cerebral to follow who's going where and more tense counting down laps waiting to see who's executed--or gambled--to perfection. You can't get this through the thick heads of Indycar fans though. Any fuel mileage race just sends them into spasms of caterwauling, especially if it's on a road course, where ZOMG there's no passing! I for one enjoy the variety. Hell is 25 races a year on mile-and-a-half cookie cutter ovals. (Not coincidentally, this also describes NASCAR.) I enjoy the variety.

Besides being in Japan, the race was rained out by a day and then broadcast at 10 P.M. Eastern on ESPN 32 or some such, so there were only 6 people watching instead of the usual 12. Regardless, it's nice to be in the national headlines for something besides a fatality.

The Reds yesterday sacked GM Wayne Krivsky and replaced him with former Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty, who had been hired in the off-season as a special assistant.

There may be personal factors we're not hearing about, but this looks like a disappointing bit of micromanaging panic from new owner Bob Castellini, who hired Krivsky when he took over the club in 2006. Krivsky does have a mixed record; he made one disastrous trade and his roster management hasn't been the best, but he has overseen a huge leap forward for the Reds' impoverished farm system and generally improved the roster. This one leaves me scratching my head a bit.